The Throbbing Rose Collective is very proud to announce the winner of the 2016 Nuit Rose Best Artist Prize, Darren CreechDarren participated in Nuit Rose with a stunning piano recital, titled Resilience and played on a Steinway grand piano in studio 106 of the 519 Church St. Community Centre. The exciting performance was both unexpected and unforgettable to those who had the opportunity to witness it. Darren was voted best artist through a secret ballot, narrowly edging out runners up bruce eves (now and then/then and now) and Simone Harris (The Tribe).

Pictured above: Throbbing Rose Collective members Perry Voulgaris, Michael Thompson, and John Rubino present Darren with the award outside the 519 Church St. Community Centre.

Darren Creech headshot

Darren Creech
Photo by: Bailey Northcott

bruce eves headshot

bruce eves

Simone Harris headshot

Simone Harris
Photo by: Jolanda Hope

Congratulations to Darren, bruce, Simone and all of the artists who made Nuit Rose a true showcase of queer art and performance in Canada and beyond. And, thank you to the Steinway Piano Gallery for their generous support of Darren’s performance.

Nuit Rose returns in June, 2017.

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